December 2013 Archives

December 2013 Archives

"Kathy Reichs, a best-selling author and forensic anthropologist who works at the Quebec government's forensic science and medical laboratory, said the central forensic lab in Montreal was put on notice to expect multiple deaths from Lac-Megantic." - Catherine Solyom

On July 6th 2013, a freight train carrying crude oil derailed in downtown Lac Megantic. The issuing explosion all but leveled the town center, destroying over thirty buildings in the process. The death toll is currently estimated at forty-seven, with forty-two confirmed deaths, and five individuals still remaining unnacounted for. In the four months since the disaster, thirty-two of the victims have been identified by the central forensic lab in Montreal, and other such Quebec forensic labs. Identifying the remaining victims of the tragedy, however, might prove more ardous.

"Reichs said it would probably be a very difficult task to recover human remains from the debris, given the intensity and duration of the fire." - Catherine Solyom


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