3 Best Vintage Boutiques

3 Best Vintage Boutiques


Montreal exhibits some of the most fashionable people in Canada. It's their 'je ne sais quoi' of trying to look like you're not trying that is just so charming. So where do these fashionistas shop? Aside from clothing exchanges, their parent's closets and value village--they shop at Montreal's finest vintage stores. I've only lived here for 5 years and I can tell you [coming from Ottawa] Montreal has amazing vintage shopping. Therefore, I'm going to write a review of what I believe the top 3 vintage stores in Montreal are.

Eva B

Eva B and its endless possibilities are located on St. Laurent Street just below Montreal's artistic plateau. Beyond the ragged door and unwelcoming entrance rest a world of past, present, future; fictional and non-fictional. Even if you're not a vintage-junkie in particular, this shop is a must-see for tourists who want to get a glimpse of what Monteal is all about. Most people stumble upon this hidden gem because they are looking for a Halloween costume, but if you aren't afraid to dig through the massive piles of clothing and cluttered racks, Eva B also offers incredible vintage jackets, boots, art, jeans and clothing.

But Eva B doesn't stop at retail! If you get tired of digging through the racks of clothing, you can take a break and sip some coffee at the bistro bar and appreciate the decorations which are unfortunately not all for sale [including the phenomenal red lamp resting on the bar].

What most people don't know about Eva B, they also offer rented spaces for events as well as a stage. Its multi-leveled and dimensional offerings garner its varying range of customers who stem from all artistic subcultures Montreal offers.

Eva B is undoubtedly a great place to look for a Halloween costume during the spooky season as they cover just about every era that you can imagine. What's great about this store is that you don't have to commit to the costume by purchasing it; you rent the costume for a much lower price. So if you're searching for theatrical, medieval, tu -tus, Victorian wear, fetish, retro or futuristic, Eva B is the place to go.  

Friperie St. Laurent



A much more tamed environment, located on the corner of St. Laurent and Duluth is a classic vintage stop called the Friperie [another word for second hand). This quality vintage store is a little more pretentious insofar as their prices and what they carry specifically. The Friperie collects street wear a well as costumes that are also worn as street wear by some of its customers. There is more of a 'hipster' feel in this shop but you can find anything there from letterman jackets, leather backpacks, wallets, vests and Levi's jeans. Essentially, they carry anything that does not go out of style, catering to 40s 50s, 60s, 70s fashion as well as more contemporary pieces which rest at the back of the store. A must see for vintage-lovers who are shopping for original clothing kept in the best quality.

Les Folles Alliées

As you keep moving your way up the mountain, you can find Les Folles Alliees, located in close proximity of the Mount Royal metro, in the heart of the plateau. This vintage hotspot is similar to Eva B in that it also caters to the theatricals and medieval by carrying classical Victorian pieces such as corsets, hats and dresses. What I love the most about this spot is their amazing selection of jewelry and accessories. If you're a vintage accessories lover like myself, you will fall in love with this boutique. They carry hats, shoes, scarves, knit knacks and elegantly timeless jewelry. Alongside their accessories lie their well-kept vintage pieces that range from a cowgirls closet in the 70s to a Chanel lover's closet from the 1850s. A must see for thrift shoppers willing to spend a little more money for good quality vintage.

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