Rebirth of Crochet & Knitting

Rebirth of Crochet & Knitting


Someone who has taken the art of crochet to an entirely new aesthetic is 2007 Concordia University graduate, Arielle De Pinto, who introduced chain-crochet to the contemporary world of art and fashion. Arielle has made a name for herself internationally with her unique and self-taught aesthetic, which started merely out of curiosity and boredom. Now, her accessories have been spotted in both VOGUE and the red carpet. De Pinto's limitless ambition proves the evolution of crocheting is significant in that it paints a picture of the evolution of creativity, femininity and fashion. Women are always trying to reinvent themselves with fashion and beauty. Waking up in the morning as a blank canvas, we paint ourselves with the clothing and accessories that we own, that's fashion. We have the ability to turn something dull into something beautiful, which is exactly what Arielle De Pinto does with her metal work.

If you're interested click here for Arielle De Pinto's designs

There are many discrepancies in terms of the origins of crochet and knitting; however, the earliest evidence of the craft in action is its popularity in Europe during the 19th century. Machine spun cotton thread became widely available and inexpensive in Europe and North America after the invention of the cotton gin and the spinning jenny, displacing hand spun linen for many uses. The simple pleasure of creating a unique piece of clothing is a therapy many of our grandmothers have taught us or tried to- and also a representation of fine dedication and delicacy.

The knitting aesthetic has taken on new formations and its development has transformed into a modern yet thrifty, hip hobby. Another example is VogueKnitting; a quarterly publication just under 25 years old, whose aim is to give 'the ultimate knitting experience.' The VK magazine has a variety of patterns and charts where anyone between advanced beginners and advanced knitters can knit vogue patterns in the comfort of their own home. This concept takes knitting to a new platform and with a high-end name such as Vogue attached to it; the image of knitting has shifted.  

Crochet has developed into an art with a variety of methods, formations and fabrics, along with fashion. People are crocheting lace, linen, wool, satin, metal etc. Just the same as how we wear all of these fabrics for clothing accessories. Thankfully, for the development of fashion, we have the liberty to wear practically any material that we can possibly crochet or sew.  Crochet has always been a great creative outlet for women [now for men as well], and it's become a much easier hobby to access as the cost of fabric is not as expensive as it once was.

Zellars is a great spot to purchase cheap yarn and needles. Here are some other suggestions to get you started if you want to get in the mix with crocheting.

Mouline is an awesome shop in the Mcgill ghetto, with knowledgable staff and cheap yarn

Effiloche is a little more expensive, but it offers quality fabrics, yarn and workshops.

Espace Tricot is another great spot to learn how to knit the Monkland Village.

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