How-to Ask A Guy Out On A Date


With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I've been thinking a lot about the dating game. I know most of you are pobably thinking "I hate Valentine's Day! No one ever asks me out!" Well don't run off in huff just yet because I've created the following how-to in order to help all you ladies who have shyed away from that mysterious classmate sitting across the aisle of your economics lecture or the gorgeous hunk you've been eyeing near the coffee machine at work.

Now you're probably thinking "Wait - I'm supposed to ask a guy out?" Yes girls! The 21st century called and it asked me to tell you: "You're beautiful, you're smart, YOU CAN DO THIS!" It's time to face your fears, whatever they may be, and catch that man by surprise. You never know when one date will turn into a long-term love story.

So follow these instructions and enjoy a February full of firsts:

1. Find a common interest

This research can be completed by you or by a friend, depending on how well you know your crush. Try to find something you both have in common. It can be anything - a course you've both taken, a hobby you both share, a book you've both read, a celebrity you both despise. Please try to find something you can both talk about during the first date. There's nothing worse than sitting across from someone for an extended period of time and thinking to yourself "I have nothing to say to this person!"

WARNING: Failing to keep your research top secret may result in creeping out your crush.

2. Act confident

Your date doesn't need to know you've never done this before, unless you want to incorporate that fact into your pick up line, which I have done in the past. By taking a few deep breaths and rehearsing your introduction before you're face-to-face with your crush you'll feel more prepared. This will show in your rate of speech, how quickly you speak, and in your body language because, this way, you'll look more at ease.

WARNING: Failing to practice your pick up lines may result in loss of speech, potential loss of date, and total embarassement.

3. Dress to impress

It's possible the man you've been dreaming about hasn't noticed you before. It's important not to let that scare you off, after all you've already worked up your confidence for this very moment. Before you engage in the conversation that will lead to the first date I suggest you pick out your most favourite outfit and put on a few accessories to boot. Don't forget a five-minute face! I'm not asking you for a 180° makeover, you wouldn't be you otherwise, but I am recommending you accentuate your most prized asset in order to command all the attention in the room.

4. Pick out the venue beforehand

Since you've prepared yourself mentally and physically and you have an idea of what your crush likes why not prepare the date itself too? I recommend choosing a venue that isn't too grand and allows for interaction. What do I mean by this? Don't go to the movies! You won't learn a single thing about your crush other than his feelings towards the film, actors, director, etc. Don't go to a big concert! You won't be able to understand what your crush is saying and you'll probably lose your voice trying to offer up a witty response. Choose a setting that lets you relax and be comfortable. One that you know your crush will appreciate too.

A few ideas:

A play at the Rialto theater

Unlike concerts this playhouse has a restaurant suitable for dinner dates and most plays have an intermission which will allow you to converse with your crush without interrupting the actors at work.

Coffee at Starbucks

A classic first date venue coffee shops like Starbucks are places where people can gather to enjoy a wide variety of hot beverages in a calm relaxing environment. The music they play can also be a point of discussion during your date!

Game Night at Sharx

You don't have to be pro athlete to choose this first date idea! The most fun part of a game is always being able to laugh at your crush and yourself. Don't be embarassed by your low score - revel in the fact that the longer the game takes, the more time you'll have with your crush by your side.

I would also give bonus points to the person who asks their crush to help them with their game!

Wishing you all the best of luck this Valentine's Day!




Dear author, love the article as I am the clueless type. I am wondering what a prized asset could be? jks, good call on the Rialto! >_

Very cute comic. Well done. I'm a sucker (or hopeless romantic) for anything love related. As someone who's become a little more confident in dating now, I could've used these tips 10 years ago :)

Thanks Gin and Juice & Gemma C!

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