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Are you tired of dating people that don't live up to your expectations? Of being set-up by your amateur friends? Are you afraid of what lurks behind the serial computer dater? Do you want to meet your soulmate, but don't have the time to get out there? PS i love you is the partner you've been looking for. No computers, no websites, just old fashioned matchmaking.

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PS i love you is a local love recruiting agency that specializes in finding "the right fit" for you. A division of Patty Shapiro & Associates, a recruting agency that headhunts retail and wholesale professionals, PS i love you was founded in September 2009 by Patty Shapiro. Patty is a Montreal local who graduated from Concordia University with a BA in psychology. She has over 20 years of industry experience in headhunting and she strives to "change people's lives, enabling them to find the best life-work-love balance scenario." When I asked Patty what inspired her to start PS i love you she said "(it) started years ago out of a love for making people happy and (allowing) (them) to find their life partner."

So it comes as no surprise that her love consulting company's mandate is to:

  1. Recruit the perfect match for you

  2. Assist in the arrangements for you

  3. Follow up the next day

That's right - PS i love you uses a professional recruitment business model with traditional matchmaking principles and applies it to the dating universe. Their approach is simple. First you'll sit down for a one hour consultation with a love hunter, so they can get to know you. Then, by completing a questionnaire, they'll learn about your "goals, morals, values, cultural beliefs as well as your physical requirements." Patty recommends being as open as possible with your consultant because finding true love is "the most important decision of one's life." After that they'll start to screen potential dates against your personalized profile. Once candidates have been chosen they will help organize "a quiet lunch, a cinq à sept, or a romantic dinner according to your preferred time and location." PS i love you does this by partnering up with affiliate hospitality companies all around town, including the luxurious Bateau Mouche. A list of those vendors can be found on the Our Favorites section of their website. At the end of the date Patty always recommends the man giving the woman his coordinates and urges her make the initial call back. The day after the date PS i love you will ask you to fill out one more questionnaire which will allow them to "improve, or perfect your future matches, should there be a need." Although a bit cheeky I like the fact they don't claim to be corporate cupids.

Of course their services don't end with goodnight. PS i love you goes above and beyond for their clients by offering add-on services which include a Personal Image Consultant, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Financial and Career Counselor. Each consultant brings their own industry expertise to the table, some having written books, won bodybuilding competitions, and participated in worldwide educational conferences on leadership. As partners of PS i love you their initial consultations are offered free of charge and each subsequent consultation is payable according to the consultants pay structure. Similarly PS i love you doesn't work on a pay-per-date basis. The initial consultation is free and a one-time payment is payable only after the first date takes place.

Still a little skeptical? Here are some testimonials from PS i love you's clients:

Thanks to you and Dan I am the happiest person in the world. By the way we are expecting our first child, it's a girl!

- Sylvie

I thought there was no way to meet a normal woman until I fell upon your agency. Kim and I plan to be married in the fall, we hope you will come. You are miraculous.

- Peter

Dear Patty and Dan, words cannot express how happy you made me when you introduced me to my partner. He is everything I have been looking for but I guess I was looking in the wrong places. I wish everyone knew about PS i love you.

- Yves

Ultimately the decision is yours. I know the dating game can be a nerve-racking process, but I truly believe that with the help of these professionals that task could prove much less daunting and a lot more fun.

I'd also like to thank Ms. Patty Shapiro, Founder and Ms. Alexandra Doroshenko, Executive Recruitment Assistant from Patty Shapiro & Associates for your time and support in helping make this article. You were both wonderful.

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