Interview With "Bones" Fanfiction Author Col3725

Interview With "Bones" Fanfiction Author Col3725


Screen shot 2022-02-15 at 10.04.25 PM.png"Fanfiction is when someone takes either the story or characters (or both) of a certain piece of work, whether it be a novel, tv show, movie, etc, and create their own story based on it." - Urban Dictionary

In conjuction with an author profile on Kathy Reichs, I decided that interviewing Bones fanfiction authors would make for an interesting segue.The following interview with Col3725 is the first, in what I hope will be a series of three interviews - all of which explore the world of fanfiction, as well as the opinions and experiences of these fanfiction authors. Col3725 has been writing fanfiction since 2011, and has written no less than twenty-eight stories, both for the Bones and the Private Practice fandom. Click on Col3725's penname to view her author profile.

Interview with Col3725:


JV: Are you familiar with Kathy Reichs?

Col3725: I know of her, but I haven't read any of her books. I've been meaning to check them out, but I just don't have the time right now.

JV: In that case, would I be correct in presuming that your dedication to Bones is what fostered your interest in the Temperance Brennan murder mystery book series? And if so, what would be your main motivation in reading the books?

Col3725: I would definitely say that I heard about the books through watching Bones, but I wouldn't say that is the only factor in me wanting to check out the book series. I think my main motivation for wanting to read the books is my interest in crime related things, with the hype the books have generated due to Bones as a close second.

JV: Ah, I see. So you have a general interest in crime related things. Is this interest in crime the reason you were originally attracted you to Bones? Or was there something more at play?

Col3725: Yes and no. At the time when I started watching Bones, I was really into Private Practice and that show was ending soon, so I needed to find a new series to watch. I came back from class one day and my roommate was watching it, so I decided to watch it with her. I think it initially kept my interest because of the crime aspect, but I ultimately kept watching because of Booth and Brennan's relationship.

JV: I see. Would you mind telling me which aspects of the Bones/Booth relationship you enjoy the most? What aspects make you laugh, cry or inspires you the most? Also, given that Private Practice wrapped up its sixth season in January 2013, would I be correct in assuming that you've only recently begun watching the show? If so, have you had the chance to see all of the episodes yet?

Col3725: I'll tackle the second question first since it's the easiest. I started watching Bones around November 2012. After the first episode I watched, which happened to be the season 7 finale, I started watching the rest of the series. I didn't watch the episodes in order, though. I skipped around, watching the episodes that were said to be strong episodes for Booth and Brennan and their relationship. I then went back and watched the rest. I finished the entire series, including the five episodes of season 8, within a couple of weeks. I started watching live after that and got season 1-7 on DVD that Christmas, in which I immediately watched the entire series again. 

It's hard to pinpoint what aspects of their relationship I enjoy the most. When I got around to watching the pilot, I really liked how they butted heads practically the whole episode, but in the end, they came together to solve the case. That aspect of their relationship continues to fascinate me, even now that they're married. I especially like how despite how different they are as people, they both just want to find the truth and get justice for the victims. I also really like the connection they have. Even in the early episode, that connection was evident. I think one of the things I like most about them is that they get each other (most of the time) more than the other characters seem to understand them. I also like how they can talk about anything and everything and they're always there for each other, even when they're having a disagreement.

JV: You've obviously invested a lot in the Bones fandom. I mean, you've watched and re-watched the show, you've bought the DVDs and you're even planning on looking up the original material by Kathy Reichs. Tell me, is this driving interest in the characters and their relationship with one and other, the reason you decided to begin writing Bones fanfiction?

Col3725: I started reading Bones fanfiction shortly after I started watching the show, but I didn't plan on writing any, though. I didn't think I would be able to write Brennan in character. Obviously, that didn't last long.

I definitely agree that my interest in the characters and their relationship is what made me decide to write fanfiction about them. I was already familiar with writing fanfiction because of Private Practice, so even before I started writing Bones fanfiction, I kept thinking about storylines as I watched. After I finished the entire series, I gave in and began to write.

JV: Tell me, why did you decide to begin writing Bones fanfiction? You've said that you gave into the impulse of writing fanfiction after having watched the entire series, but was there one specific scene in the show that initially inspired you? Or even a culmination of certain scenes?

Col3725: I always liked how supportive Booth and Brennan were of each other, especially when it came to their families, so I guess that plus the interactions they had with Pops was what ultimately inspired me to write my first Bones fanfiction.

JV: You stated earlier that you were initially worried about whether or not you'd be able to write Brennan in character. Would you mind sharing with me how you dealt with this conundrum? In addition, do you have any advice for Bones fanfiction writers that might be facing the same problem?

Col3725: I basically just watched a few episodes and paid attention to the way Brennan spoke, not specifically what she was saying, such as how she tends to explain things in a more complicated way than is necessary, like she'll use more words to make a point than the average person or use more complicated vocabulary. I also stick mostly with AU because it gives me more flexibility.

As for advice, before you start writing, just watch a couple episodes and really pay attention to how Brennan talks, how she interacts with the other characters, and how she reacts to certain situations. Also, don't try too hard to get her character right. If you do that, it may come off forced. I think the biggest piece of advice, other than to watch episodes and study her character, is to practice. Just keep writing and watching different episodes. If you're struggling or you think you're not getting her character right, look at how other Bones fanfiction writers handle her character and use that as inspiration for your own writing. If all else fails, don't be afraid to ask for help.

JV: That's some very good advice - I'm certain that any number of Bones fanfiction writers will benefit from your insights. So far, we've talked about your interest in the fandom, the characters, and how you were inspired into writing your first Bones fanfiction, among other things. What I would like to know now is, what ultimately motivates you when writing your stories?

Col3725: What motivates me the most is reviews. The number doesn't matter to me as much as just that at least someone is reading my story and taking the time to tell me they're reading and that they liked the chapter/are waiting (im)patiently for the next one. It makes me want to write the best chapter I can, so the readers aren't disappointed. Even criticism, as long as it's constructive, helps motivate me.

JV: It's obvious from your answer that you take what the reader says about your story to heart, and that you try your hardest to produce works of the highest quality possible as a result. Tell me, do you think that your writing has evolved as a result of the feedback you've received from writing fanfiction?

Col3725: Definitely. I proofread more than once now and if a reader finds something confusing or misses something that I thought was important or obvious, I try and make things clearer from that point on.

JV: I've always believed that a good writer anticipates his/her readers needs - and you seem to go the extra mile just to make sure that your readers needs are met. I know that you didn't begin your career as a fanfiction writer in the Bones fandom, but would you mind sharing the story of how, when and why you first decided to begin writing fanfiction?

Col3725: I started writing fanfiction about two and a half years ago, shortly after I began to watch Private Practice. I read a few stories first like I did with Bones and I started to get ideas for stories that I, myself, would like to read but hadn't read. I already liked to write, so I figured I'd give it a try and see if people were interested. I didn't have as much of a reservation writing fanfiction for Private Practice because the characters weren't as complex as Brenn

an is. In the same way I was drawn to B&B, I was drawn to Charlotte and Cooper, so I wrote about them. It's a lot easier to write stories centered around characters you feel invested in. People seemed to be interested and I kept coming up with different storylines, so I kept writing. I wasn't as invested in that series towards the end of its run, so I don't have the motivation to write any more fanfiction for Private Practice. Plus Bones fanfiction readers seem to enjoy/appreciate my stories more than the Private Practice readers.

JV: Out of all the stories you have written, be it for Bones or Private Practice, would you say that you have a favorite one? Or one that you've found more rewarding than others?

Col3725: I'd have to say the answer to both questions is definitely the one I'm currently writing, The Rainbow at the End of the Storm. It's certainly my most reviewed/followed/favorited story, but I also enjoy writing it. It practically writes itself. I tend to get tired of stories quickly and want to move onto another one, especially because I keep getting ideas for new ones as I write, but with this one, I haven't gotten tired of it yet.

JV: It's fun to talk to a fanfiction writer who is so passionate and dedicated to their stories. I know that this isn't always the case - that sometimes a writer will start an amazing story, but let it fade into obscurity as their muses leave, and the proverbial Plot Bunny hops further and further away from them...

 As we wrap up our interview, I have but one final question for you. In your own opinion, what do you believe would be the most critical piece of advice that you could impart upon a fellow fanfiction author? Whether they have never written a story, or written a hundred. Whether they write for the Bones fandom, or the Private Practice fandom, or any other kind of fandom. What advice would you give to any and all fanfiction writers? What do you think is the most important thing that any fanfiction author must remember when writing?

Col3725: I think it's important to remember that you shouldn't only be writing for someone else. It's great if people read your stories and review them, and it's hard to find the motivation if only a couple people are reviewing your stories, but at the end of the day, if you don't enjoy the story you're writing then you should wrap it up and move on. On the other hand, if you enjoy writing the story, but you get a few not-so-constructive criticisms, you should keep writing regardless. It can be hard because nasty reviews can drain inspiration and motivation, but if you enjoy writing the story, you should keep doing it.

I guess another important thing is if you find that you don't have the inspiration to write or find that your interest in the story is draining, you should either take a step back and return to the story later or wrap it up as quickly as you can.


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