Interview with "Bones" Fanfiction Author Lenora Colledge

Interview with "Bones" Fanfiction Author Lenora Colledge


Bones Fanfiction Thread BannerThe following interview with "Bones" fanfiction author Lenora Colledge is the second interview in a series of three - all of which explore the world of fanfiction, as well as the opinions and experiences of these fanfiction authors. Lenora Colleridge has been writing fanfiction since 2011 and has written over a 112 "Bones" fanfictions. Click on Lenora Colledge's name to view her author profile.

Interview with Lenora Colledge:

JV: Are you familiar with Kathy Reichs?

Lenora Colledge: Yes. She is the author whose books the show Bones is based upon. She's also a producer on the show.

JV: Have you ever read any of Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan books?

Lenora Colledge: No I haven't.

JV: Looking over your profile page, the first thing I noticed was that you have written no less than 112 fanfics for the Bones fandom. Tell me, what initially attracted you the world of Bones?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Bones Season 5Lenora Colledge: I was and still am fascinated with the love story I see between Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan. I didn't start watching Bones until season 5. I found the story lines interesting but what drew me in was the fact that the show is character driven. I bought seasons 1 through 4 and watched them in a marathon until I caught up with the show. Watching it that way I saw the characters evolve and grow. I learned their backgrounds, their strengths and their weaknesses. I also enjoy the fact that we were also shown the growth of the characters around the stars. No one is perfect, everyone has obstacles that they've had to overcome that makes them more human, more personable.

I am also drawn to the show because one of the main characters has a military background. He's proud of his service and proud of his country. Since I am an Army Brat I take pride in a show that shows a good light on the profession of my father, brother, uncles and cousins.

JV:  I see. Would you mind sharing with me which aspects of the characters, and of the Bones/Booth relationship you enjoy the most? I know you said that you enjoyed watching the characters evolve, but which parts of their journeys have affected you the most? Which aspects of their lives and/or characters has inspired you the most?

Lenora Colledge: I'm most affected by the fact that these characters both had damaging childhoods that caused one to deny that love existed and the other to doubt that he was meant to have love in his life and yet they found each other and through a deep and trusting friendship overcame their emotional handicaps to eventually become a very loving couple. It's a message of hope.

JV: It's obvious that you feel very strongly about these characters. Tell me, is your interest in the characters what initially motivated you into writing Bones fanfiction?

Lenora Colledge: I've been writing fanfiction since I was a child. I would write stories for myself and once a story was complete, I would throw it away and write another one. They were just for me. I didn't know that there was a place on the internet to share fan fiction until I started going on a blog titled "Bones Theory". Some of the commenters there started talking about fanfiction websites dedicated to TV shows like Bones and I checked them out. At first I just read the stories I found there and I was really impressed with the writing skills of the authors and the imaginative Bones stories they wrote. I mentioned to razztaztic (one of the authors) that I wanted to write for Bones fanfiction but I was just an amateur. She encouraged me to try it and I did. Since I really love the characters on Bones, I've been able to write stories in the Bones world that I hope entertain other Bones fans and at the same time satisfies my need to write stories about my favorite characters on TV.

JV: That's a very interesting way to start a career in fanfiction writing. Was there anything specific that razztaztic said to you in order to convince you to set your reservations aside, and take the proverbial plunge?

Lenora Colledge: She told me that everyone that writes on the fanfiction site is an amateur and that most readers are kind and fans of the show. I tried it and even though my first stories weren't that good, no one was mean about it and I actually received some very encouraging reviews. Those nice reviews spurred me on to keep writing and try to improve my style at the same time. I feel I have improved and I've made some very nice friends along the way. Most readers of fanfiction are very kind and love to give input. I have been given many story ideas from people who read my stories. My story "Hannah Stories" is reader driven. I ask for prompts and take my cue from them.

JV: You've obviously developed a keen sense of kinship with your readers, and you obviously feel that they have helped you evolve as a writer. Tell me, which aspects of your writing and/or writing style do you feel has improved the most as a result of their feedback?

Lenora Colledge: I try to be careful with spelling and grammar. I do a lot of research when I write a story to make sure it is realistic. If I write about a place I research that place and use names of businesses, streets, highways that you will find in that area. If my characters travel somewhere I google maps and use the directions I find there. One of my stories (Soul Mates) has dealt with the aftermath of brain surgery. I researched what is involved with recovery from that type of surgery and I used that in my story. I try to make my stories accurate as well as entertaining.

 JV: Tell me, what inspired your first "Bones" fanfiction? Was it the characters? Were you inspired by a specific scene in the show? Or did the proverbial Plot Bunny simply refused to let you be?

Lenora Colledge: I was fascinated with Booth's fear of clowns. I wanted to write a story using that as a plot device.

JV: I can see why you thought Booth's fear of clowns would make for a good plot device. It's been years, but I still find the scene in 2x13, in which Booth shoots a clown shaped speaker on an ice cream truck hilarious. You've obviously put a lot of work into writing your fanfiction, not just research wise, but in establishing relationships with your readers. Tell me, what do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of writing fanfiction?

Lenora Colledge: Sharing my vision of what the characters mean to me.

JV: You stated earlier that you initially held back from writing "Bones" fanfiction because you considered yourself to be an amateur. Tell me, did you have any other reservations when you first started out?

Lenora Colledge: I was afraid that my idea of an interesting story might not be interesting to anyone else. All of the fan fiction I'd written in the past were Sci-Fi, based upon "Star Trek", "Babylon 5" and "X-files". Writing stories centered around criminal investigations was very new to me.

JV: How is it that you overcame this fear? Did razztaztic offer you any advice on your dilemma? For that matter, do you have any advice for fanfiction writers that might be facing the same problem?

Lenora Colledge: I just decided that the worse that could happen was no one would like my stories and I would go back to writing for myself. Since I write under a pen name no one knew me which gave me a certain amount of freedom. If I had started out publishing my stories under my real name I am certain I could not have posted anything. Pen names allow you to try and to fail. I have been very lucky. I have only encountered a few readers who really hate my stories and tell me so. I'm wise enough to know that you can't please everyone and I've had enough support from most readers and other authors when I feel ineffectual that I've been able continue my writing. I did suffer a crises a couple of months ago where someone PM'd me with a rather hate filled message. I PM'd razztaztic and threesquares (brilliant authors) and they talked me down from the ledge, so to speak. I almost gave up writing but they pointed out that one person does not make the majority. There is support out there and the venom is really limited to less that one percent of the reviews or PMs that I get. the vast majority of readers are very kind and very helpful. Some are very passionate and filled with wonderful story ideas that they are generous enough to share with me. I have had a great time writing and I truly love entertaining people with my writings. It has been worth the worry and angst I go through some times.

JV: In all of the 112 "Bones" stories you've written, would you say you have a favorite one? Or, at least, one that you've found to be more rewarding then others, in terms of reader feedback or growth in writing style?

Lenora Colledge: I have two favorites. I liked writing "A Broken Wing" and I am currently writing a story "Partners". Both stories have allowed me to experiment with serial killer cases, humor, angst, dreams and new characters. My most successful story was "It Sounds Like the Ocean". It had a lot of very enthusiastic followers.

The best compliment for a story I've ever received was for a story I have been writing for two years "Booth's Diary". Someone told me the other day that they read almost 80 chapters in a couple of days and they could see a big improvement in my writing style. I really appreciated that review. It gave me hope that I really have improved and I'm not kidding myself.

The most flattering thing that has happened to me is my story "Hannah Stories" was mentioned in a tweet. One person tweeted another to tell them that my story had influenced their memory and they could no longer remember how Hannah had been written off of the show because of my stories. She was kidding of course, but it made me happy.

JV:  You've obviously learned a lot from your work as a fanfiction author. Tell me, what would you say is the most important thing that you've taken away from the experience?

Lenora Colledge: That there are a lot of generous people in the fan world who are thrilled to share their enthusiasm for the shows they like and will tolerate a wild imagination when it comes to stories set in their fan world.

JV: Yes, well, individuals with wild imaginations do make for the writers... I would now like to take the time to thank you for such a wonderful interview. Before we wrap up our interview, do you have any final comments or thoughts you would like to share? Maybe some advice for other "Bones" fanfiction writers, whether they be seasoned or novice writers?

Lenora Colledge: Be brave, write what you feel. Give your imagination wings and prepare to soar into the fascinating world of your making.

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