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Interview With "Bones" Fanfiction Author threesquares


Bones Fanfiction Thread BannerThe following interview with Bones fanfiction author threesquares is the third - and final interview in a series of three. These interviews explore the world of fanfiction, as well as the opinions and experiences of these fanfiction authors. Fanfiction author threesquares has been writing fanfiction since 2011. Click on threesquares pename to view her author profile.


Interview with Bones Fanfiction Author threesquares:


JV: Are you familiar with Kathy Reichs?

Threesquares: I am.  I am a reader, not a tv watcher primarily.  I had read all the books she had written at the time I first started watching bones, right around season 5, so 4 or so years ago.

JV: In that case, would you say that your interest in Reichs' Temperance Brennan murder mystery series is what initially attracted you to Bones?

Threesquares: Hmmm.  On the one hand, I don't think so.  I get very attached to characters so I was already attached to Tempe and Ryan and Katie and the whole world of Montreal vs. North Carolina.  So I was kind of passively uninterested in watching Bones.  But then I turned 40.  And I had migraines, for the first time in my life.  Took a few months to sort it all out and get medication that worked, so for a while, I would be up all night long trying to wrestle the things into submission before going to teach school.  And Bones marathons were on.  Then I was hooked on those characters.  I know KR is involved in Bones the TV show to some extent but they really might as well be two different things.

The Top Five Canadian Books to Read Right Now


book dog.jpg

The long lull of Montreal winter can leave many craving the summertime sun, but as long as we're all stuck inside for a few weeks longer, why not read a good book or two? Below, I've compiled a list of Canadian books that people have been talking about as well as a few I think people should be talking about. Choose a title or two from the list to pass the time with a good literary adventure before all the slow melts and we can go off to have some adventures of our own.

What's in an Autograph? James Franco's Visit to Montreal



When I first heard about the James Franco event in Montreal I was excited to learn more about his book, Actors Anonymous, but was soon disappointed to find out that it would be a signing event without a reading or question period. Though initially discouraged, I began to think about what the event might be like. What kind of people would wait in line just to get a signature? Would the people attending be interested in Franco as an author or as an actor in films like This is the End and Pineapple Express? What kind of relationship with these fans have with the work? What value does the signature have both in terms of emotional significance and monetary value?

Interview with "Bones" Fanfiction Author Lenora Colledge


Bones Fanfiction Thread BannerThe following interview with "Bones" fanfiction author Lenora Colledge is the second interview in a series of three - all of which explore the world of fanfiction, as well as the opinions and experiences of these fanfiction authors. Lenora Colleridge has been writing fanfiction since 2011 and has written over a 112 "Bones" fanfictions. Click on Lenora Colledge's name to view her author profile.

Interview with Lenora Colledge:

JV: Are you familiar with Kathy Reichs?

Lenora Colledge: Yes. She is the author whose books the show Bones is based upon. She's also a producer on the show.

JV: Have you ever read any of Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan books?

Lenora Colledge: No I haven't.

JV: Looking over your profile page, the first thing I noticed was that you have written no less than 112 fanfics for the Bones fandom. Tell me, what initially attracted you the world of Bones?

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Bones Season 5Lenora Colledge: I was and still am fascinated with the love story I see between Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan. I didn't start watching Bones until season 5. I found the story lines interesting but what drew me in was the fact that the show is character driven. I bought seasons 1 through 4 and watched them in a marathon until I caught up with the show. Watching it that way I saw the characters evolve and grow. I learned their backgrounds, their strengths and their weaknesses. I also enjoy the fact that we were also shown the growth of the characters around the stars. No one is perfect, everyone has obstacles that they've had to overcome that makes them more human, more personable.

I am also drawn to the show because one of the main characters has a military background. He's proud of his service and proud of his country. Since I am an Army Brat I take pride in a show that shows a good light on the profession of my father, brother, uncles and cousins.

JV:  I see. Would you mind sharing with me which aspects of the characters, and of the Bones/Booth relationship you enjoy the most? I know you said that you enjoyed watching the characters evolve, but which parts of their journeys have affected you the most? Which aspects of their lives and/or characters has inspired you the most?

A Survival Guide: For Fanfiction Authors... and English Lit Students



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