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Curtain Call With Vittorio Rossi


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Vittorio Rossi is a very important figure in the world of Montreal theatre and to the Italian community. His work has won him awards and recognition as a playwright, actor, screenwriter and director. Some of his best-known plays are A Carpenter's Trilogy, a series that constitutes three parts (Hellfire Pass, Carmela's Table, and The Carpenter), and Paradise by the River. His newest play, The Envelope about the film industry begins in March 2015 at the Centaur Theatre. The show will mark Vittorio's tenth play produced at the Centaur Theatre. I caught up with Vittorio in the warm and welcoming family atmosphere of Da Franco's restaurant in Old Montreal. This restaurant is the inspiration for the setting of The Envelope, and also happens to be and owned by my cousins! Here's what Vittorio had to say about his latest work and his successful career.