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Heeere's Massimo!!!


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If laughter is the best medicine then Montreal's very own Massimo Cannistraro could be considered a doctor who uses comedy as a form of healing. Born in Laval into an Italian family with two older brothers, Massimo's interest in stand up comedy started at a very young age. He grew up idolizing comedy legends Johnny Carson and Eddie Murphy and hoped to one-day follow in their footsteps. With hard work and dedication, Massimo has brought his talents outside of the city boroughs and onto various comedy platforms. From performing on stage at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival to appearances in blockbuster films, there's no denying his versatility. While he prefers to be referenced on a first name basis like Bono or Drake, his stage presence and high energy certainly make him a recognizable name in the world of comedy.

According to Gem: My Life As I Know It So Far


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My name is Gemma Cocomello, I am 30 years old and not ashamed of it! I was born and raised in Montreal and have lived my whole life in the Ville Saint-Laurent area. I am the youngest of three and the only daughter. I was my parents' third and final attempt for a girl. My father was born in Italy and my mother in Argentina. Looking back at my life I've learned that everything happens for a reason and what may seem unfair and impossible at that time, has a way of working itself out. Marilyn Monroe once said that things fall apart so better things can come together. Perhaps I'm getting too ahead of myself, how about we start from the beginning.