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"Unless it's a love letter or a pay check, nothing good ever came out of an envelope." - Franco, The Envelope

The 2014-2015 season of the Centaur theatre has been nothing less than stellar with smash hits such as Venus in Furs and The Goodnight Bird. The hot streak continues with The Envelope, the newest play written and directed by Montreal's very own Vittorio Rossi (A Carpenter's Trilogy, Paradise By The River), who has been referred to by the Canadian Encyclopedia as the "inaugural Italian-Canadian voice on the English-Canadian stage". The Envelope is not only Rossi's first original play since The Carpenter in 2007, it's also an important milestone in his expanding and impressive career. This play will mark Rossi's 10th collaboration with the Centaur Theatre Company, a huge institution for English theatre here in Montreal. The Envelope is presently playing at the Centaur Theatre from March 24th until April 19th. Fans of Rossi's previous plays have been anxiously waiting for his newest piece of work. The anticipation is finally over and like many joyous occasions in life, good things are worth waiting for.