A Very Un-Canadian Timmy's

By Ariana Haltner
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Image source: Flickr.

The upstanding and proper Canadian people are proud of the many principled characteristics associated with their country. Canadian standards of hospitality are high and unyielding; any visitor to the country is treated well.  Not only are visitors treated well but the entire Canadian community lives a fulfilling and loving life. Through honesty and hard work Canadians take care of the rich land around them.  Grown from Canadian roots the restaurant franchise Tim Hortons is publicized as a national symbol of Canada.  The average Canadian is proud to show support of such an icon.  Through its commercials, websites, and foundations Tim Hortons promotes and embodies all of a Canadian's main ideals and beliefs.  However, contrary to the propaganda, the Tim Hortons Company perpetrates fake promises that violate every Canadian Value.   A wholesome and pure Canadian background, fast and efficient service, an excellent standard of customer service, high quality and "Always Fresh" products, 'ethical and fair' business thinking, are the promises that go unfulfilled at Tim Hortons.  The franchise is a sham and a disgrace to all of Canada. Its current state of business annuls its humble Canadian beginnings.

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