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Prairie Guide to En Frensay

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A not so French French


While studying for a midterm exam at Concordia's Vanier library last December, I could not help overhearing a conversation between a man and his wife. They were discussing issues familiar to me, issues that many newcomers to Montréal face upon arrival.

The man had told his wife about another unsuccessful job interview he had had. "The interviewer asked me the same question," the husband complained to his wife in Hebrew, a language I also speak. I felt comfortable enough to approach the couple and introduce myself. "I know it is a bit rude to listen to other people's conversations," I acknowledged apologetically, "But your story sounds a lot like mine, and I am sure other Montréalers face the same hardships. What do you say we do something about it?"

Ron agreed to share his story with Montréalités. He believes that learning from the experiences of other immigrants is a solution. Predictably, he demanded we meet at Vanier library so he could save precious time.

How to improve your French

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