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Twitter is a terrific forum in which one may have plenty of exposure to parts of the internet that may otherwise go completely unnoticed.  Following news outlets is especially enlightening because of how they "tweet" whenever a new article is added to their online database.  Most recently, this article from the Montreal Gazette reports on a doggy-daycare center that lied to the owners of a dog that was killed in their care.

Without even finishing the article, it's hard to understand the owner's hesitation to press chargs.  While Stanely, a Montreal Shih Tzu was at doggy-daycare, he was unfortunately mauled to-death by some of the larger dogs at the center.  Though this tragedy could have probably been prevented, the real upset is in the manner in which the owners of Montreal Dogs dealt with the situation. The owners were told that Stanley had run away.  Owners and employees helped search for the dog and post reward posters, already knowing that Stanley had deceased.

Losing a loved one, no matter what their bodily form, is a difficult and emotional task.  Closure is a notable ingredient to successfully making it through such a period, and it is completely unfair to withhold that from someone in mourning.  Perhaps the owners of the Dog center felt that they cushioning the blow this loss - unfortunately it seems as though only more pain was inflicted, and perhaps a lawsuit.

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"Sharing is Caring." A Border Collie and a yellow Labrador Retriever simultaneously pursue a ball underwater. (Photo by Seth Casteel/

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