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Adressing sexual orientation


Education on Sexual Orientation

The issue of Sexual Education is extremely crucial if we want to locate society's endemic problem with how to address sexual orientation properly. 

Even though we have come as far as addressing homophobia as a social disease, the symptoms still linger in different avenues. Most significantly, they seem to be prevalent when we consider children in Elementary Schools, and students in High Schools. These are the institutions where derogatory and discriminatory language is usually learned, from children who create defense mechanisms as a response to the void that is their lack of sexual education. It is no wonder that minors are confused and uncomfortable when they first discover that there are other acceptable combinations that exist for romantic relationships.

The key concepts that the Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Education address are: Health, Health Promotion, Health Education, Sexual Health & Education, Sexuality and Sexual Rights. According to the guidelines for Sexual Health in Canada, "Sexual Health is a key aspect of personal health and social welfare that influences individuals across their lifespan (2)." These guidelines are designed to:

1. Help professionals who are concerned with the development and implementation of sexual health programs.

2. Provide a detailed framework for evaluating existing sexual health education programs.

3. To offer educators a broader understanding of the goals and objectives of broadly based sexual education.

Empty Nest Happy Ending


The Future of Cycling in Montreal: A General Outlook


By Ruby Aria

It's official - a full season of hockey is not in the cards. With November cut, 135 games have been cancelled, leaving the 2012-2013 season delayed. Though the circumstances were different, no one wants a repeat of an entire season lost to lockout as it happened seven years ago. But is this where NHL is headed and what are the NHL odds for the season?


In latest negotiations, Commissioner Gary Bettman, proposed a 50-50 split of hockey revenues, but the offer was dismissed by the NHLPA. Reportedly being the best offer the league could make, concerns heighten as the future of the sport is in jeopardy for the remainder of the season. Fan favorites, such as the Winter Classic and The All-Star game also hang in the balance. Bettman has also implied to the media that negotiations may only become increasingly complicated to settle since the NHLPA has refused to kick off talks with the league's proposal starting point. While the league isn't willing to budge as far as the starting point, players are concerned over their existing contracts.


As the dispute over economic balance continues to unfold, one thing is certain - hockey fans will not be cheering for their beloved teams this month and will have to stay tuned to find out if the NHL as a whole can pull it together, sooner rather than later.






(Original Link to Article - Dated October 26, 2021)

Five Places to Stop on an Eastern Canadian Road Trip


Whether the Canadian East is your final destination or simply a landscape you're crossing on your way to other sites, there is plenty to see and do. Here are five must-see stops in Eastern Canada.

1. The John Cabot Trail

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Famous Wonders

One of the most scenic roadways in the world, the Cabot Trail takes you along a long stretch of Canada's Atlantic coastline in Nova Scotia. The 185 mile journey can be driven in a single day, but the sheer number of breathtaking views, opportunities for exploration, and small side-treks often make this highway a two-day journey. You will begin to appreciate that a car is truly A Traveling Canuck's Favourite Companion .

2. The Landmark Café

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PEI flavours

As you move into Prince Edward Island, stop at the fishing village of Victoria by the Sea. Beyond stunning views of the Atlantic, you can dine at the Landmark Cafe, which offers a selection of less-than-standard fare. This includes salmon-topped bagels, Moroccan beet salad, and bottles of Gahan--the local premium beer. The Landmark Cafe was once a post office, but has since been transformed into a memorably strange beach-side bistro.

3. Hopewell Rocks

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: Reesa Grushka

The Bay of Fundy boasts the world's highest tides, which reach up to fifty feet. The result is a long shoreline made of silt that features rock formations known as the Hopewell Rocks. These ocean-shaped stones are set into the shoreline and topped with verdant pines. Aim to arrive at low tide, as doing so will allow you to move past the first set of rocks and see several more formations. If you want to make an afternoon of this site, you can rent a kayak to explore the area or engage in other scenically enhanced water sports.

4. Quebec's Castle

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e: Digital Apoptosis

La Chateau Frontenac is arguably the most authentic European-styled castle in the "new world." If you're in Quebec for at least a couple of days, you can stay in the castle, which was converted to a luxurious hotel. However, even those not staying overnight can explore the castle and the surrounding old-world city. Even for lifelong Canadians, Quebec retains an element of foreign charm, perhaps thanks to the city's substantial French influence.

5. Toronto and the Road to Niagara

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Falls Niagara 

As the largest city in Canada, Toronto provides enough attractions to keep visitors busy for weeks. There are some great travel deals out there that will let you see the highlights of the city on a low budget. As the largest city in Canada, Toronto provides enough attractions to keep visitors busy for weeks.  Once you're done exploring the city's sprawl of sights and sounds, you can head south to reach Niagara Falls.Once you're done exploring the city's sprawl of sights and sounds, you can head south to reach Niagara Falls. Horseshoe Falls rests entirely on the Canadian side of the border and is the largest of the three Niagara waterfalls. Adventurous travelers can even take a tour behind the falls, walking through a 125 foot tunnel to reach the breathtaking cascade of the most powerful falls in North America.

These five sites are just a few of the stunning landmarks in the Canadian East. Pace yourself on your road trip and give yourself plenty of time to enjoy all that the region has to offer.

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