A Montrealer's Guide to Planning a Workout

A Montrealer's Guide to Planning a Workout


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(*A picture of a boxercise class at Concordia University's Le Gym)

No matter who you are and where you live, getting into shape is never an easy task. The common culprit, the thing that makes exercising such a  laborious endeavour, is often sheer ennui. Let's admit it; although beneficial, exercise like running, swimming or biking can get monotonous. What is worse is that simply looking for a new workout regime can be equally as arduous as doing it! 

Thinking of throwing in the towel? Don't worry; not all hope is lost. The key to starting any exercise is having a plan. Staying organized is essential when beginning any workout, because it help you find an exercise that is specially fit for your lifestyle.

It is for this reason that I've put together this simple guide, which will help you plan ahead before choosing an exercise. The guide includes hyperlinks to entertaining exercise articles for men and women. For those who are interested in the gritty details, the guide contains scholarly articles and a link to a "BMI" calculator.  Also, thrifty Montrealers who would like to do some physical activity will find the resource guide quite useful,  a link that  lists  the top gyms in Montreal which are suitable for everyone's budget.

At the very end of the guide, I have included my own compilation of the what I deem to be the top five fitness centers, in Montreal.  My selection was based on the gyms' price, services, age-friendliness, facility and accessibility.


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