--If you're interested in getting to know the gritty details of your sport or exercise, this site: is the place to look. Idea Health & Fitness Association was originally designed for instructors, coaches and trainers. Consequently it may seem uninteresting at first, but before pressing the exit button you should know that, you  this site is entrenched with articles regarding fitness.

--You name it and they have it!  This also means that if you're willing to take the time to do so, you can discover all of the secrets that a trainer uses to better his or her lessons. The articles range from samples of abs work-outs or knowing whether pilates is a beneficial form of exercise when you're pregnant

* Note that in order to access all of the articles the site requires that you be a member; still, the site is  loaded with free articles, which should satisfy any academically inclined reader who wants to touch up on the juicy facts.


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