Review 4: Microjet Inks (From Breakfast to Bedtime on Sherbrooke Street O.)


MICRO-JET Technologies and Supplies
5484 Sherbrooke Street Ouest

Bassem Saman is usually behind the counter with helpful tips and suggestions about what paper is best to use for various professional or academic projects. He's always steered me in the right direction.

There aren't places less expensive that MICRO-JET. They keep great inventory of ink cartridges for every brand of printer. Much of their stock is re-manufactured and recycled, and work just as well as new ones. This means that MICRO-JET is both Eco-friendly, and 40-60% less expensive than other places, (whose name I won't mention again). Buy your photo paper and computer ink here to save money while saving the planet.

I start realizing that even though everything is close by, it might be a long day walking back and forth waiting for opportunities to interview the good business folk on Sherbrooke street. My OPUS card is out of tickets, and I don't relish the idea of standing around for buses all day, anyhow.
Time to get myself a horse...

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Is all printers cartridge recycle?

They have many such store in my country, but some not work.

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