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The Man behind Murdoch Racing

Duncan waiting in the car lineup 

 When you see racers on television, do you ever wonder what they are thinking just before a race? Or afterwards? How to they feel when they lose? Win? I do. My dad's best friend, Duncan Murdoch, is a racer for Formula Ford 1600.

Duncan grew up in St-Lamber where attending drag races with his mother and racing slot cars as a kid led to a fascination with racing. After attending the University of Waterloo, Duncan started racing in 1978 and joined Jim Russell School at Tremblant. In 1984, Duncan won the Grand Prix race in the 1600 class.

The following years, 1984 and 1985, Duncan was the Vice Champion of Quebec and learned to be meticulous and perfect his racing competencies. His motto, "if something is worth doing, you do it right", has led him forward.  Just take a look in Duncan's trailer during a race weekend and you'll see just how meticulous he can be. Everything is labeled and in boxes, and our team tool box is probably the most organized one in the paddock. Sadly for his fans, Duncan put his racing career on hold and started a career at Pratt and Whitney. Due to the exertions of travel, he took a twenty year hiatus from his passion of racing.

However, in 2010, Duncan retired from Pratt and Whitney as a manager after many years of devotion to his job and began racing again with a  four-man and one woman team. This year, Duncan is looking forward to racing at the Grand Prix, Tremblant (which is his favorite track), Trois Rivieres and possibly Mosport. This year will a new chapter is being written. I caught up with Duncan and asked him if I could tell us about his past and future in racing. He gladly accepted and it is featured here!
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