June 2012 Archives

June 2012 Archives

Figure 1: Duncan coming into the pits. 

The Grand Prix is an event Montreal looks forward to every year. On sunny days, girls walk around in their shorts and skimpy tank tops, which is just another reason men go to the event, besides seeing the cars. For the pit crews and racers in the support races, it is actually the most stressful event of the entire season, not to mention the most dreaded. For my team, the Grand Prix is dreaded. The first year we enrolled in the Grand Prix, Jim was run over by Duncan, a trailer door hit Miro on the head and he also had bicycle spokes stuck in his leg, Duncan crashed the race car and I accidentally injured myself with the golf cart we use to tow the car. Two years later, the excitement continued. This year, it was probably the best Grand Prix event we had. The qualifying on Friday went very well, but we were a couple of seconds behind the leaders. However, we were competing with the best Formula Ford racers in North America. After finishing on the podium two weeks ago, our team was eager to continue demonstrating how efficient the car was. 

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