R.I.P David Bowie


Bowie wallpaper.jpgMy eulogy to David Bowie:

Last week when David Bowie's latest, (and now last), album Blackstar came out, I watched the video he did for his song "Blackstar" and I found that the video was jam-packed with religious symbolism; this was odd even for Bowie, in my opinion, because I have listened to a wide range of Bowie's music and observed his changing styles and themes and his consistent ones and felt that something was off. I wondered, why is there so much of this theme? And as I listened to his other songs on the album, my suspicions and questions grew. Why are there so many repetitions of death and death-reated things like tombstones and heaven? Watching Bowie himself in his video of "Blackstar" also made me wonder why he looked so much older.

It was only this morning when I heard news of his passing and his 18 months of battling cancer and I was deeply saddened. ANd as I played his various albums to personally commemorate his achievements, a thought struck me: "Black. Star. Black often means death and star is a synonym for a celebrity. Was his album connected to his illness?" and like a flash, I went onto the internet and immediately found this article that matched my train-of-thought:


And it is confirmed that Blackstar was his "parting gift":


We all say "thank you" to you, David Bowie, David Jones. He was a brilliant writer to whom I shall always turn to help me write, to help me stay true to myself and to comfort me in my sadness.

As Felix Felicis (@LuckoftheDraw86) on Twitter wrote: "May the Labyrinth guide you home."

I have written a fanfiction based on Bowie's Labyinth character Jared the Gobin King and I have included him in another project I am collaborating on with Éric Soucy called the Goblin Tunnels:

Fanfiction Pt 1: http://redwolfsroom.blogspot.ca/2014/03/as-world-falls-down-wolfina-escapade.html

Fanfiction Pt 2: http://redwolfsroom.blogspot.ca/2014/04/as-world-falls-down-wolfina-escapade.html

The Goblin Tunnels: https://medium.com/goblin-tunnel/the-goblin-tunnel-resurgence-1d685f25c0a0#.xq5vvecd9

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