Training Mobs

Training Mobs

Training Mobs is a database of workouts offered in Montreal. Studios and instructors can post their class on the site, listing the time and price, and anyone can attend. The site provides a way to filter your selection based on location, start time, and price.

The classes range in type and difficulty. It is free to join the site, and you only pay for the classes you go to. Some classes are free of charge, so it is easy to stay fit without paying a lot.

Classes Offered

- Free run clinics
- Yoga
- Pilates
- Bootcamps
- Circuit training
- Crossfit classes
- Ballet workout
- And more!


The classes range from free to $20.

Training Mobs also recently introduced the Mob Pass, which allows you to get a reduced rate on all participating locations. The website shows you the regular cost and the cost with a MobPass.

How to Register

Register at so that you can see all the classes offered.
Select: Yes I'm going to let the instructor know you are going as well as any friends you have on
You can follow people so any mobs they attend will show up in your newsfeed, and you can invite friends to mobs you are attending.

Things to Keep in Mind

The sorting system only works by time or price, not by type of mob, so it is sometimes hard to find the specific type of mob you are looking for. However this makes this site good for finding new styles of training to try.

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