Carter's Quests

Quest # 1: What are the best high schools in Montreal?

Quest # 2: Is prostitution legal in Montreal?

Quest # 3: Does Canada still practice seal hunting?

Quest # 4: Who is Mrs. Marble? (Hint: Arrival).

Quest #5: Who is the NDG Racoon?

Quest #6: How to dye your hair in neon colours?

Quest #7: What is a doula?

Quest #8: Where are all the links to parks in Montreal found?

Quest # 9: Where are all the links to museums and architecture in Montreal found?

Quest #10: Where can I find Quebec legal information? (Hint: Justice blog).

Quest # 11: What are the public transit fares in Montreal?

Quest #12: How do you ride a bike in the winter season?

Quest # 13: What are the top 5 concert venues in Montreal?

Quest # 14: What can you buy at Jean Talon market?

Quest # 15: Where can you find tips on writing?

Quest # 16: Where can you test your knowledge on buying a home in Montreal?

Quest # 17: How can you survive zombies?

Quest # 18: Where is the survey on childbirth?

Quest # 19: Where is the Montreal mafia fact sheet found?

Quest # 20: Where can you find Quebec, Creole, North African, Eastern European, and Mediterranean recipes?

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