> Cosmos: A Meal Fit for a Hero

Cosmos: A Meal Fit for a Hero

By Jordano Aguzi
Screen shot 2022-02-12 at 9.08.15 PM.pngOn a cool Saturday morning, a line steadily grows outside of a hole in the wall in the heart of NDG.

The yellowing, archaic sign subtly boasts in fading black font: COSMO I enter through the small entrance and it is blatantly obvious that this Cosmo is not at all affiliated with its magazine counterpart. The only thing that's similar is my own excitement to lose my Cosmo cherry. After constant stories of mythological grandeur told about this not-quite-epic Greek diner, it was about time to have a taste for myself. Expectations were not low, but they were definitely met, and as I eventually understand that Cosmo represents more than a diner; it represents the independent Montreal ideology.

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