> Montreal Dining: Classic Versus Trendy

Montreal Dining: Classic Versus Trendy

by Mariella Castro
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Food - - some people see it as source of nutrients in order to survive, others, like Antonia Till, see is at an area of infinite pleasure and delight. It is raw, unlicensed sensuality, a physical delight which will, with luck - and enduring taste buds, last our life long.  Personally, I am food lover and I enjoy every aspect of the restaurant experience, so this week I decided to compare two different types of five star restaurants: the classic and the trendy. It was tough to choose two restaurants, especially here in Montreal where food is superb, but let's face it, gourmet restaurants are not cheap. Since I already had a reservation made to a trendy one, Garde Manger, my selection process was a bit easier.  I chose Garde Mange for my newcomer, trendy restaurant, and I chose Le Club de Chasse et Pêche as a forever classic restaurant.  We'll see what type you prefer at the end. I have my personal opinion, but I will mention it at the end so as not to spoil the fun ;)

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