> Sugarhouses in Quebec's Hinterland

Sugarhouses in Quebec's Hinterland

Ji Jia Ying
Screen shot 2022-02-16 at 1.13.51 AM.pngFrom late February to early May, perhaps the best known activity in Quebec is eating hot maple taffy off fresh snow, which is made by a cabane à sucre. Cabane à sucre are Quebecor sugarhouses, which most of the time are family owned. Usually, you can find one less than a day's trip out of Montreal. The old, near-backwoods, warm environs are the reason that tourists from everywhere in the world and the Quebecor families go to the small, authentic sugar shacks every winter. There are hundreds of sugarhouses in Quebec. Many families and guests gather together to celebrate and enjoy the sweet treats that are offered.

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