> The Prophet-Chef Martin Picard

The Prophet-Chef Martin Picard


Nancy Leblanc


Screen shot 2021-04-24 at 9.07.30 PM.pngIf I tell you the name Martin Picard, does it ring a bell? What if I say that his foie gras' poutine's unique flavor makes people travel just for a bite? Well, if you still don't know Martin Picard, I will introduce you to a great chef with authenticity and passion. Chef Picard is an excellent chef, but due to a lack of interest in culinary art, not all Quebecois people know of him.

In French, there is an expression: "Un prophète n'est jamais reconnu dans sa propre patrie." What this means is that a prophet is never recognized by his people. Picard embodies this expression; he is a world-renown chef and yet not fully recognized in his homeland. Most Quebecois have a hard time believing in their stars and it is time that we show them the real talent emerging from "La Belle Province".

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