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Quebecois Gastronomy & French Heritage


Laure-Lise Mélin

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If literature and other types of art are the main points which define a country's or a region's culture, its food and cooking must not be left behind. Thus, without evoking a pretty famous cliché, I'm French and I have always been a food fanatic. As a result, as soon as I moved from Paris to Montreal, I discovered a sharp interest for the local gastronomy. After trying many of the province's specialties, I've decided to focus on Québec's cuisine and in particular on its French heritage in the way of cooking and the approach of food, firstly, examining the multiple origins of Québec's cuisine, secondly, analyzing the huge role France has in Québec's food culture, and thirdly,  revealing the chronological evolution of this province's gastronomy starting with the adaptation to local weather and ingredients and the recent rebirth of food patriotism, which has resulted in a fine internationally-recognized cuisine.

The gastronomy of Québec today is a singular melting pot of English, Native Indian and French roots, which has been going through a successful revival that started about twenty years ago.

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