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How To Get Kicked Out Of A StripClub


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Top 5 Neighbourhoods to Live in Montreal


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Montreal is an inviting city that prides itself on being rich in culture, and having some of the hottest restaurants, nightclubs, and year-round events - thus giving us the title of one of the liveliest cities in the world.

We will take you through 5 of Montreals most happening boroughs and if you are interested in finding a home, check out Micasa's home listings for Montreal.

History in the Making!



 When society thinks about the city of Montreal they first think about the French and English milieu they live in. Montreal's defining traits stem from its French roots, but it has also assimilated British influences, and more recently, the contribution of many diverse cultures due to immigration. Montréal was officially founded in 1642, the history of the surrounding site dates back much further. Whether temporarily or on a permanent basis, human populations have long chosen to settle on the Island of Montreal for reasons largely determined by the characteristics of its location. These include Mount Royal and its surrounding forests, the St. Lawrence River and the Lachine Rapids, which formed a natural obstacle requiring navigators to stop and unload their boats. When exactly the Aboriginals arrived on the island remains unknown, but we do know that in 1535, French explorer Jacques Cartier discovered a sedentary population living in a large village called Hochelaga.

This is how some historians think about our city. It is the beginning of the city's journey to success that is most fascinating. One person that I was acquainted with is someone who not only admires the history of Montreal but what its become. The name Michele Filippone aka Mike is to be remembered. To begin, he is a history graduate from Concordia University. Mike is a typical Montrealer; he was born and raised in the east end of the city. He grew up in a typical Italian home in St-Leonard. He went to high school when he first became fond of history in grade 10, in his own words "I was just good at it" and before he knew it he was in college trying to figure out what he wanted to do. It wasn't until University when Mike came across a particular teacher who he admired and at that point Mike knew exactly what where life was taking him and how history in general was changing his perspective in life.

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