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Like Father, Like Son


Italian Family Continues Perfecting Montreal's Famous Deli Sandwich.


 It's without a doubt that the Jewish community has left the biggest imprint on boulevard Saint-Laurent, the heart of immigrant Montreal. As early as the 1890s, many Jewish families migrated from Eastern Europe and established businesses along the boulevard. The most popular family businesses were those who introduced Montrealer's to the delicious kosher brisket: SMOKE MEAT. While the Jewish population may be responsible for introducing smoke meat to our beloved city, an Italian family, has perfected the deli sandwich, and has extended the traditional dish west of the island. 

5 Historic Places to Explore on Saint-Laurent


How many of us have spent our binge-drinking filled weekends hanging around boulevard Saint-Laurent? While hobbling down the street in stilettos, have you ever stopped and wondered what existed before the chique boutique, supperclubs, and lounges? The answer is probably a no considering most of us focus on what is right in front of our eyes.     

Boulevard Saint-Laurent, also know as The Main, is actually a product of over 300 years of history, establishing its reputation as the immigrant corridor of Montreal. By the early nineteenth century, many Eastern and Western Europeans emigrated to Montreal flocking towards Saint-Laurent and evidently creating a social and cultural hub for immigrants, particularly of Italian, Greek, Asian, and Jewish descent. Today, Saint-Laurent has become a major commercial and social artery for Montrealers and tourists. The next time you decide to ride in a limo with your head out the window at 3 a.m., consider taking a stroll down Saint-Laurent instead and explore these 5 historic attractions whose foundations are credited to the immigrants who made our beloved city.


By Samantha Lotti

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