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April 2013 Archives

When Good is Not Good Enough


wigs.pngIn business and in general, we often get complacent with routine. We are fearful to venture off into new and innovative projects, because status quo is so comfortable; and when we experience rocky periods, we tend to endure the storms instead of diverting paths for more lucrative possibilities, as the fear of entering unchartered territories hinders the possibilities of greater successes.

I was such a person. Two decades ago, I started a wig company. Since a large percentage of clients require wigs for medical reasons, I wanted to offer the most natural wigs available in the market. After extensive research in this industry, I found a supplier that manufactures remarkable wigs, unlike any others I have examined. They purchase the raw hair from Russia and send it to China for manufacturing. Over the course of years, I have developed an excellent rapport with this supplier and a loyal clientele base.

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