January 2013 Archives

January 2013 Archives

Nathan's Interview


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The last time I interviewed Nathan had just won the Quebec Championship for the first time. A year later, Nathan has just won the Quebec Championship for the second time.

The Most Painful Grand Prix


pit line up 1.jpg

As mentioned in another entry, the Grand Prix is the biggest and most hectic race in the season. I think I used the term "dreaded" to describe this particular event. This is because of what happened in 2010. This event would go down in history with the members of our race team and the people that were around us during that time. It also brought us closer together.  

The Racing Calendar



Today marks a new year and that means the beginning of a new race year. The Formula 1600 teams have been on "summer break" since the end of September. However, the break entails some very hard work. Racers rebuilt their engines and cars from the ground up to make sure they are the best they can be for the new season that starts at the end of May. The end of the Formula 1600 season officially ends when Formula 1 does. It's official that there is no more racing and the rebuilding has to start. 


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