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Today marks a new year and that means the beginning of a new race year. The Formula 1600 teams have been on "summer break" since the end of September. However, the break entails some very hard work. Racers rebuilt their engines and cars from the ground up to make sure they are the best they can be for the new season that starts at the end of May. The end of the Formula 1600 season officially ends when Formula 1 does. It's official that there is no more racing and the rebuilding has to start. 

A couple of months ago, at the beginning of November, there was a Formula 1600 gala to commemorate the racers and their teams for their efforts during the season. Our MC was none other than Didier Schraenen, who races with us all. He was quite entertaining. Duncan won an award for the Most Improved Driver. As a team, we were very proud of him, despite all the things we went through. Although we were lucky we didn't have a huge rebuild to do during the year as a result of an accident, Duncan was still getting used to the car and the two new tracks, Trois Rivieres and Calabogie.

This year definitely promises a lot of change. Unfortunately, one of us won't be coming back for the new season. Races are supposed to extend into the United States. The team is even going to set up a Twitter account to let everyone know what we are up to when racing. It's the year of change!

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