> Accra, Griots & Pikliz: A Taste of Haitian Delite

Accra, Griots & Pikliz: A Taste of Haitian Delite

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The majority of the Haitian population in Canada is foreign-born. The large majority of Canadians of Haitian origin lives in Montreal and the Montreal Haitian population, just shy of 100,000, represents roughly 5% of the Island of Montréal's population.

A significant percentage of Montreal's Haitian population resides in Montreal North. Montreal North is an oblong municipality located along the Rivière des Prairies in the northeastern part of the island of Montréal.  It is bordered in the east by Rivière des Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles, at the southeast corner by Anjou, the south by St. Leonard, the southwest by Villeray-Saint Michel-Parc Extension and the west by Ahuntsic-Cartierville.

Haitian cuisine/recipes include many of the ingredients that we use on a regular basis in Canada, as well as a number of tropical vegetables and/or fruits that can only be found at specialty shops.  A chain of grocery stores in the east and north end of the city is inter Marche/4 Frères. With18 locations, they cleverly allow their franchise owners/managers to adapt to their individual community's needs and wants in order to satisfy the tastes and requirements for creating traditional home-cooked meals. 

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