How to handle misbehavior in your classroom

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Step 1: Observe.

Take a step back and observe what is going on in your classroom instead of jumping in and trying to stop the misbehavior right away. Give yourself a couple of seconds to understand the problem.

Step 2: Stop the activity.

Stop the activity by calling your students attention. If they don't give it to you right away, then you know this is something else you have to work on. To be an effective educator, it is important to able to get your students attention any time you need it.

Step 3: Wait.

Stand in one place and wait for another couple of seconds. Let the students' misbehavior hang in the air and let them feel the weight of it. Try to get your students to realize and understand what they did wrong all on their own.

Step 4: Pause in silence.

Put the class in a silent mode for a couple of seconds. Stand in your place and just gaze at the class, do not say a word or show any sharp reaction.

Step 5: Send them back to where they are supposed to be.

After your pause for a couple of seconds, send your students back to their seats or ask them to clear their desks and put their materials away. Refrain from lecturing or expressing disappointment. It may make you feel better, but it doesn't help. The focus now is on doing things the right way.

Step 6: Replay.

Try to put your students in your shoes; model for your students the misbehavior you observed, showing how it wasted time and disrupted learning. Modeling a misbehavior is a powerful strategy that allows students to view--and really understand--their actions from a different perspective.

Step 7: Restart teaching 

Now model how the activity should be done. Explain to a nd show your students what you expect during that particular activity.

Step 8: Practice.

Begin practicing the activity with your class. Get all the students involved once a few of them have learned / done the activity correctly.

Step 9: Prove it.

Within a day or two, give your students another opportunity to prove they can perform the same, or similar, activity the correct way. When the activity is over, don't make a big fuss, but be sure and acknowledge the good work. 

Step 10: Standardize your classroom's activities.

Try to standardize the activities for your students. They should know the routine for successfully conducting an activity or a homework.

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