Apartment Hunting?

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Apartment hunting? Looking for tips? Want to know if there's a history of bedbugs in a building? Looking for a way to warn other apartment seekers of a landlord's dishonest behavior? Wanting to take a break and have some fun? Read on.

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Just Looking

Before stepping onto the street or looking online for apartments, know where you can look up the laws on what landlords are permitted to demand and what tenants are required to do. An excellent (and authoritative) resource is the Regie du Logement. If you can't find the answer to your question on their site, you can always give them a call. You can also visit Concordia's Housing and Job Bank in person or online for information on addressing infestations, learning your legal privileges, and more.

Did you know?

Landlords are not permitted to require
  • your SIN number
  • post-dated checks

Ask Your Landlord

Of course, its good to now if electricity, gas, water, internet or phone are included in the rent.  But there's an even more important question.  Heat.

This is Canada after all. During the coldest months, heating can easily add one or two hundred dollars to your housing costs.

If you're one to worry about house fires, you might also want to ask when the wiring was last replaced.

And lastly, you can ask about infestation histories. Even if a landlord isn't honest, he or she may not have a poker face.

Ask Your Prospective Roommate


Make sure you're on the same page about

  • groceries
  • rent
  • internet fees
  • telephone fees
  • music
  • alcohol
  • pets
  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • dot dot dot

    Check Out Ratings

    If you already have an area in mind that's positioned well for transportation and work/school, why not check out some apartment and landlord reviews at The Leak. If you've rented in Montreal before, why not add your own review and help others find quality homes?


    Click to visit The Leak

    Need a Break?

    Are you feeling tired from scrolling through apartment listing, after apartment listing? Need a break? See if you have what it takes to find all 10 differences.

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1 Comment

I think the advice about looking into the laws of leasing in a particular place is very helpful. It gives renters the necessary knowledge they must possess when renting in a particular location.

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