Buying a home in Montreal

Buying a home in Montreal


Help Robyn and Allan buy a home in Montreal

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The Davied's, a family of four, immigrated to Montreal in 2009 from Wilksbury, Pennsylvania. Robyn works as a nurse in the JGH and Allan as an I.T. manager in an electronic company in downtown Montreal. Their combined gross income is $130,000. They enrolled their two children- Kyle 4; David 2 in a Monkland daycare.

The couple is in the market to buy a home. They face the challenge of buying a home similar to their Wilksbury one, but Montreal real estate is significantly more expensive. Whereas their 4-bedroom detached PA cottage on a 7000 sqf lot cost $169,000, such a home in the city of Montreal would be between 600,000 and 800,000, unless they decide to buy in the suburbs which would decrease the price by about $300,000.

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The couple has to evaluate what is most important to them and, of course, stay within their budget: A single family in the suburbs, or remain within proximity of work and daycare and purchase a duplex, townhouse and cottage in the city.

After a couple of months of searching, they narrowed their choice down to 4 properties:
1. A single family 5-bedroom cottage in Dollard. Asking price of $369,000
2. A 5 ½, 6 1/2 duplex in Cote des Neiges. Asking price of $495,000
3. A 3-bedroom condo in Monkland. Asking price of $420,000
4. A 3-bedroom preconstruction townhouse in Cote st. Luc. Asking price: $519,000/


The Laval home is very similar to their PA lifestyle, large living area, bedrooms, garden and room to grow. The price is within their budget, but the location is unattractive. A long drive to work and daycare and they only have one car. The technicalities of all the drop-off and pick-ups will present great challenges, aside from the fact that suburb homes have weaker resale values than homes in the city.

Should Allan and Robyn sacrifice a large home for every day convenience and resale purposes?

Cote Des Neiges:

The duplex requires renovation, but it is in a great location - near Robyn's work, near transportation, and close enough to daycare. Shopping malls are in proximity. They will also receive a rental income from the upper duplex and the area has a good resale value.

Should Allan and Robyn forgo their dream home, for resale value and quality of life?


The Condo is an attractive option for the couple. It is in close proximity to daycare, near transportation, close enough to work and near fabulous malls. The condo is brand new with the latest appliances. The area is young and vibrant, but they're not so keen on living in a building. Also the condo resale value is not as high as the duplex

Should Allan and Robyn sacrifice the privacy and growth potential a home offers for the convenience and beauty of a renovated condo?

Cote St. Luc:

The townhouse is a balance between a cottage and duplex. The design of the townhouse can be according to their specifications. The price is slightly over their budget and there is no income. Metro is not within walking distance. Also it's an older demographic - not so appealing for a young family. Do Allan Robyn sacrifice neighborhood and going beyond their budget for upscale living space?

Of course they will have to make compromises, evaluating what is most important to them. Is it location? Neighborhood? Resale value? Rental income? Proximity to work and daycare?

Find out. First test your basic knowledge on home-buying and journey with the Davied's on their house hunting experience. Which home do you think they chose?

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