To Bean or Not to Bean? The industrial denaturalization of soy

To Bean or Not to Bean? The industrial denaturalization of soy



When is a bean not a bean? When it's a soybean, of course!




Whether you like your sprouts organic or prefer your sirloin rare, chances are you've heard about the ongoing debate over the potential health benefits of soy versus its potential health hazards. Scientists, health experts and the food industry at large seem to flip-flop on the subject, as they have on many similar issues over the past several decades. Eat your meat! Eat your greens! Eggs give you energy! Eggs contain cholesterol! Synthetic sweeteners provide all the satisfaction of sugar without the calories! Aspartame will give you cancer, sucralose is the way to go! Sucralose confuses your metabolism and makes you gain weight! Sheesh! It's enough to make you want to give up on eating healthy altogether.

Though it may be difficult to navigate the maelstrom of conflicting information out there, it is important to know the pros and cons about the foods we eat daily. Nowadays, it seems like soy is in just about everything - in one unpronounceable form or another - which is reason enough to take a closer look at what exactly it is we're eating.


What is Soy?

A Little History

Let's Talk Health

The East-West Dichotomy

Corn and Soy and GMOs, Oh My!

It's in Everything!

Social and Environmental Ramifications

The Big Picture

What Can Consumers Do?


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