Good Things Come in Small Wrappers

Good Things Come in Small Wrappers


Where to find the best Wonton soup in Ville Saint-Laurent


Wonton soup is a veritable staple in Chinese cuisine. Every restaurant in Montreal seems to have its own unique take on it, with some achieving better results than others. When it's made properly, it's salty and savory, meaty and satisfying, with a delightful contrast of textures. When it's not made properly, it's watery, starchy, chewy and thoroughly disappointing, if not entirely inedible.

Since it is such a quintessential dish, I find that it can often be used to gage the overall quality of an establishment and to assess everything from the freshness of its ingredients to the quality of its service. With this in mind, I recently set out to find the best wonton soup in my home neighborhood of Ville Saint-Laurent, a veritable mecca of cultures and international cuisines.

For convenience, I decided to start my search near Côte-Vertu metro on Decarie Bldv. and to work my way outward towards home, near the Place-Vertu mall over by Cavendish. I chose five popular establishments with good street visibility and a lot of foot traffic, four of them happening to be within a few blocks of each other on Decarie. I decided to get take-out in all five cases, which would give me time to evaluate the décor, ambiance and popularity of each establishment while I waited, on top of enabling me to test the patience of the person at the counter when all I ordered was soup!

Here are the results of my research, which yielded quite a few pleasant surprises...


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1. Fu Kam Wah

2. Kam Do

3. Maison Shing Do

4. Tai Leung

5. Fu Lam Buffet, Wok and Grill

6. Winner and reviews by others

7. Complete listing and maps (includes link to menus)


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