Eliminating Bullying from Our Schools

By Cinzia Vicario
Screen shot 2022-02-15 at 1.06.41 PM.pngOur society is constantly changing, and its evolution seems to be affecting people's values and morals at every age. For example, today it is not uncommon to turn on the TV in the middle of the day and see scenes of violence or sexual content that should be reserved to adult viewers. In addition, some rap music, or even video-games, also add to the problem by promoting use of violence or sexist behaviour that in the long run tend to desensitize us. All of these factors, at various levels, contribute to the decline of moral values in modern society. In fact, they are valid examples of the lack of respect shown to our youth's normal psychological development, or to the dignity of those we call minorities because of their gender, race or sexual orientation.

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