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Dollar Cinema


275577281_d5b750f770_b.jpg In 2004, Bernie Gurberg decided to open a theatre aimed at creating an inexpensive movie-going experience for the whole family. The Dollar Cinema, located in Côte-des-Neiges, offers just this; admission per person is just $2 and snacks are priced at only a dollar apiece. The films are "second-runs," meaning films which have left other theatres, such as the AMC, which specialize in new releases, or, first-run films.

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Andrea Winterhalter

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A Francophone city par excellence in an essentially English-speaking country, Montréal surprises through its uniqueness, which is best reflected in the city's artistic and cultural landscape.

What we see today in Montréal in terms of arts and culture is the product of the age-old confrontation between its two principle communities, representatives of two powerful nations: Great Britain and France.

For more than two centuries, these two communities - the Anglophones and the Francophones - have asserted their domination in turns depending on the position each held in the economic, social and political life of the city at a given time. Although their coexistence was not always peaceful, these two ethnic groups with opposite life styles and outlooks have each contributed inits own way to shaping the face of the city.


Rivals and allies at the same time, they transformed their city together, turning it into a place that stands out through its cultural and artistic background as no other city does. 

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Image source: Flickr, 2007.

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