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Interview with Visual Voice Gallery's Bettina Forget

Interview by Myriam Goyette


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Despite the bleak neighbourhood of the Belgo Building, its inside is milled by contemporary galleries and bustling workers. On the fourth floor, Bettina Forget, the German expat, owner and curator of the Visual Voice Gallery, receives me with a warm smile to her half-gallery half-workshop space for an interview on art and art galleries.

Intrigue vs Cleavage


The Prestige (film)

Poster for The Prestige.

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The Prestige is a film adaptation of Christopher Priest's novel of the same title. Directed by Christopher Nolan, the film winds its way through mystery, romance, double lives, and magic. The two principal characters are Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) and Alfred Borden (Christian Bale). These two men begin the film as apprentices of a magician, but an accident and finger pointing drives them to a life-long rivalry: sabotaging shows and stealing secrets. As physical injuries mount, lives end, and magic tricks become more daring and fantastic, the movie's climax twists everything we thought we knew, into something else entirely. The films mixture of a Victorian atmosphere, mystery, glamor, science fiction, and betrayal, unfortunately, also mix with Hollywood's poor examples of morality. However, the technical skill displayed in this movie's script astounded and intrigued me. The cover warned me that I'd want to watch it again. I did.

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