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Exploring the Darkness

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We are often perched just at the edge of a void--going through life with an unrealized deep-rooted fear of death, the unknown and the unfamiliar.

Chronicles of a Disappearance, on now at the DHC/ART Gallery, is the kind of exhibit that leaves you thinking about these things for days afterwards.

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How to survive Nuit Blanche

By Tania Romito

Connecting Through the World Press Photo Exhibit


World Press Photo 2008 - 040

World Press Photo 2008 - 040 (Photo credit: webzer)

"If everyone could be there to see for themselves the grief and the fear (of war) just one time, then they would understand that nothing is worth letting things get to the point where that happens to even one person, let alone thousands. But everyone cannot be there, and that is why photographers go there--to show them, to reach out, to make them stop what they're doing and pay attention to what is going on. To protest, and by the strength of that protest, make others protest."--James Nachtwey, War Photographer.

The World Press Photo Exhibit marked it's 54th year in 2011, touring over 45 countries and treating guests to the year's best photojournalism from across the globe with photos that were selected by jury from over 108 000 entries. The independent, non-profit organization first brought its exhibit to Montreal in 2001, and continued to bring its collection annually to the Just For Laughs Museum on St. Laurent until 2010, when the museum permanently closed its doors to the public. This year's exhibit was held at the Bonsecours Market on St. Paul Street in Montreal.

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