How to Snag a Professional Athlete



We aren't getting any younger now ladies so if you want to snatch yourself up a rich, handsome, and chiseled professional athlete, let's jump to it...

1. Pursue a Related Career

Again, the key here is proximity, proximity and proximity. Like in any workforce, the chances of an "office" romance to blossom is high. Athletes find it comforting to know that they are with a woman that can understand their everyday hustle and grind, that is how much time and energy it takes to be successful in this field. A professional athlete also finds it extremely attractive to be with a woman that understands the sport they play and can uphold an intellectual conversation.

2. Scour the Internet 

Tools Needed: A smartphone, tablet or laptop

Simply start off by googling the name of your prospects. You'll be able to grasp a pretty good understanding of what or who you are up against (for example, baby mama drama, side flings, or actual wives/serious girlfriends).

Naturally, you cannot believe everything you see or read on the world wide web however at least you will be privy to some background information.

But doing your research online is really just a preliminary step to snagging the professional athlete of your dreams. You're really going to need to do a little more leg work and log hours if you want this to work. 

Furthermore, create every social media account you can think of including the following must haves: Instagram and Twitter. You can instantly follow your prospect's profiles. This creates an avenue to keep on top of his whereabouts, and his who-abouts. Did he break up with his girlfriend last week? Is he planning on going to Club Dream tonight? Does he have an interest in country music? All these type of questions can be answered if you create yourself an appealing social media presence and in turn keep tabs on your hubby-to-be.

WARNING: Fight the temptation to compliment and confess your dying love to him by commenting on his social media profiles. This comes off as needy and desparate which will scare him away with no chance in redeeming youself.

3. Splurge on Court Side Seats

Tools Needed: Credit Card 

This step will require you to spend some cash but I would definetly look at it as an investment towards your future. You need to make yourself visible to your athletic prospect and you can do so by purchasing sideline tickets to one of his games.

Placing yourself in his line of vision is a good start and if you want to take my advice, I recommend an away-game. The likelihood of local distractions such as family members or fellow competition won't be around and it sure does get lonely on the road (if you catch my drift).

4. Dress to Impress

All athletes want a woman whom he can compare to a trophy. He wants to be able to flaunt you to the public, his friends, and most importantly his fellow teammates. Therefore you need to be ready to wow 'em! This requires regular grooming of the nails, hair and skin. Plus one of the reasons you want to date an athlete to begin with is because of his droolworthy fit body therefore you need to keep your physique up to par. Hire a trainer and start getting comfortable with the idea of not accepting leftovers and early morning workout sessions.

5. Map out the Watering Hole

Tools Needed: Map of your city and neighbouring cities

You want to make sure that you know exactly where your dream athlete spends his down time. Whether it be in a particular club, bar, or movie theatre, you'll want to find yourself conveniently at the same place at the same time. Remember the more opportunities you have to place yourself in his line of vision, the more chances you have in sparking a conversation. How are you going to snatch the professional athlete of your dreams if he doesn't know you exist?  By venturing to the same hot spots that your prospect does, this will also portray that you are into the same interests as he is. 

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