Montreal's IWS Hardcore: Professional wrestling madness



Mic Patterson, the Man!

I must confess I'm no wrestling aficionado. I must also confess that my first International Wrestling Syndicate match at the Plaza Theater in Montreal on November 15th was spectacular. One more confession, it was my first ever wrestling match in my life; and heck, it was professional.

While the matches most likely are fixed and fake, the brutality, courage and athleticism are real. The performances are reminiscent of classic comedy acts such as The Three Stooges, brilliant and simplistic slapstick, accompanied by adrenaline, exuberance, and self-mocking rowdy fun that goes hand-in-hand with a physical performance that is breathtaking and rather insane.

iws4.PNGThese guys are bad boys.

It's beefcake in gold spandex bikini wear. It's tattooed glory. It's self-mutilating crazy. It's heavy-metal porn material. Blood and bruises with a soundtrack.

iws8.PNGThe Soul Man

Every match has a kind of backstory. I did say self-mocking, or mockery per say is in play, and it's not just the sport that is mocked. I watched the beefy Black Diamond, introduced by the ever so cool Soul Man, and his crew consisting of a white guy wearing an afro wig and his coke-addled coach chant "RACISTS!" at two self-described blinged out "latino" dudes before beating them to a pulp.

iws3.PNGBlack Diamond and his crew

Despite the fact, and it is a fact boys, that the action is contrived, the players provide a truly talented theatrical performance, one that leaves you on the edge of wonderment as body fluids, blood, sweat, spittle and snot fly freely. My souvenir for the evening, Black Diamond's mouth guard. Yep, it flew through the air landing at my feet; and, yep, I picked it up and pocketed it in my purse.

iws9.PNGThe Black Diamond!

iws6.PNGThe "Latino" opponents.

And the beer? Yep, it's all good.

Don't miss the January 24th exhibition when they return to the Plaza Theater for IWS Blood Sweat and Beers 2015.

iws5.PNGReady to rumble?

IWS Blood Sweat and Beers 2015

Plaza Theater, 6505 Saint Hubert, near the Beaubien Metro

Images by Milton Matheou [email protected]

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