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Common Sense for Common Law

Sarah-Danielle Gagnon Leduc
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In Quebec, the law does not protect people that are in a common-law relationship. If someone sacrifices a career by staying at home to raise children, that person will have no rights for protection under the law. Many persons mistakenly believe that unmarried couples with children have the same rights as married couples, after a certain number of years. This assumption is absolutely false; if one of them decides to abandon their career for the benefit of the family, they do so at their own risk.

Blood Trails at School

By Andreanne Monty
Screen shot 2022-03-06 at 2.04.42 AM.pngMontreal's history is shadowed by devastating tragedies. Indeed, the massacres that took place in the École Polytechnique and at the Dawson College touched a whole continent. These heartbreaking shootings, which targeted innocent students with a whole life ahead, ravaged a whole people. Even though they occurred seventeen years apart and are unrelated cases, some similarities are noticeable between the two shootings. In fact, a serious comparison of the two massacres shows that they are more alike than we would think.


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Recycling Plastic Scandals

Vanessa Clemente
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Recycling has long been the focal point of the environmental movement, a movement that started over 30 years ago as a response to the world's problem of depleting resources. Reducing toxins and chemicals in our already abundant amounts of garbage is a worthy objective. Recently, the process of recycling has been put to the test, and some recycling agencies in Montreal have been found guilty of giving away their potential recycled waste to city dumps and landfills. I will briefly describe the recycling process - for the sake of this essay, I will speak only of plastics recycling - flaws within this process, and present newspaper articles from Montreal detailing the truth behind our recycling plants, along with a potential plan for the government, in order to prevent this from happening again.

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Montreal Food Paradox

Iggi Frances

Many Montrealers are aware of the environmental damage caused by the modern industrial food system. Many are also aware of Montreal's status as home to Canada's highest rates of poverty and hunger[1].

What is not often considered is that an individual's food habits, encouraged by the city's food landscape, directly influence those two factors, and neither is it well known that there are many alternatives available in Montreal which provide access to healthy, low-cost food.

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