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A Profile of Marcel Danis: A Man of the Law


8917057805_2029a8fbb3_z.jpgImage by Jamie in Bytown on Flckr

Rarely will a murderer be described as a "pretty nice guy", but for Professor Danis, seeing the lighter side of things is simply part of the job. Marcel Danis is a multi-talented professor, who teaches in Political Science department at Concordia University. Danis walks into classroom as the clock strikes the hour. He delicately places his papers down, opens his folder and pitches his lecture. The students stare, spellbound; whether it is the Hell's Angels or the Mafia; the student who sold marijuana and called him from the police station; the President of Bangladesh (a client of his) who was on trial for manslaughter; or even his most recent experience at the golf club, the class knows that the next three hours will be absolutely riveting.

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