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Canada Relaxing Its Efforts on Global Warming


English: Kyoto Protocol participation map 2010...

Map shows participation in Kyoto Protocol as of 2011. Image via Wikipedia Commons.

Review: A Critique on Canada's Withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol

If Canada should be praised for its climate change efforts, it's definitely not something we can make out in the map above. Prior to 2011, Canada proudly boasted its green status in that map, but now it has shamefully drifted into brown zone, which is not a good thing if you consider Canada's size and what we usually associate the color brown with- it's kind of hard to miss, eh?

Well, when Minister of Environment Canada, Peter Kent, announced that we've officially withdrawn from the Kyoto Protocol last year, let's just say people weren't exactly too happy or too proud about the news. The Kyoto Protocol, joining 194 developed nations together in consent to negotiate on ways to reduce CO2 emissions into our planet's atmosphere, is a historic milestone. It is the first and only international agreement that obliges nations to respect target rates of green house gas emissions into the atmosphere. It's basically one of the most important commitments a developed nation could commit to in its fight against climate change, and Canada, the alleged "pro-green nation", was the first nation to ever withdraw from it after only six years of quasi-contribution. Why, oh Canada, why? 

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Montrealites: We're here for you!

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