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Cookie Dough and Justice

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I first met Randy Pinsky in a kitchen with multiple people busily baking on and around a table covered in bowls, bags of flour, cartons of eggs, bottles of oil--It was a pre-benefit concert bake-athon.  We have since participated in several benefit concerts together and have grown to be good friends. 

Randy (pictured on the left, her sister Marian Pinsky on the right) self-describes as an activist and likes to complement her action with education.  Over her academic career, she has acquired a bachelor's degree in archeology with a minor in Social Studies of  Medicine (from McGill University), a certificate in business law (Concordia University), a certificate in peace operations (Université de Montréal), and a bachelor's in political science with a minor in history (Concordia University). She is currently completing a master's degree in public policy and public administration at Concordia University. 

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Organizing a Benefit Concert

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