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The wild circus that once was Canadian politics returned last year, and did so in full throttle. There seemed to be no shortage of stereotypically Canadian predicaments. Oy.

Sure, we didn't start a war or anything-- but we did have some reasonably uninspiring moments. After all, who could overlook the unearthing of widespread corruption in Quebec demonstrated through proceedings of Charbonneau Commission; or the clandestine workings of politicians and lobbying groups who pushed for the development of the Keystone project? This of course, does not even compare to infamy of Toronto's mayor Rob Ford who was exposed in a humiliating crack scandal (poor guy).

Ah yes,  2013-2014 has been a true lollapalooza!

But of course, every circus needs its ringleaders. Indeed, at the forefront of our Canadian melodramas were our tried-and-true politicians.  Double oy.

Understanding Why Keystone XL Matters: Feature Article


Image of Trans Canada Keystone Pipeline
By shannonpatrick17

Campaign season is upon us. Not that it ever truly stops, but Canadians can expect 2014 to brandish no shortage of finely tuned marketing mechanisms, rhetorically structured PR events and attack advertisements. Gradually, politicians assert that they are less concerned with polarizing topics and more concerned about answering what the public wants. Moving away from ideology is a step in the right direction. Indeed, our needs seem to be addressed, at least ostensibly. Still, in an increasingly nonpartisan oriented system, questions that once concerned the everyday citizen may be glossed over.

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